Promotion of Destination Germany to Croatian Media

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How to attract Croatian tourists and travelers enough to add the destination Germany to their travel list? What is truly unique and different that each traveler can experience when travelling through German regions and towns? The fact is that the average Croatian tourist is not familiar with information about Germany tourism offer, and thus has no proper motivation to visit the country. That is also the most important reason why promotion of Germany in Croatia must be continuously on the upswing.


Socializing with traditional German gastronomy

The regional office of the German National Tourist Board in partnership with Lufthansa Group during the gathering for the media organized by magic4.club team, on Tuesday 5th of May in the Bavarian restaurant Maximilian in Zagreb presented the campaign theme for 2015 dedicated to the traditions and customs that shape the image of Germany as a tourist destination abroad. At the meeting we hosted around 25 journalists whose work greatly contributes to the development of the culture of traveling in Croatia.

Welcome speech was given by Valentin Gescher, head of the Economy at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, while the annual promotion of the German National Tourist Board was presented by Tijana Djuricic, PR manager of the regional office of the German National Tourist Board in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia. After a short presentation, the present media had the opportunity to taste traditional German specialties flavored with appropriate ambience of Bavarian Restaurant Maximilian. The traditional menu included very famous German dishes: Käsespätzl, Leberkäse, Nürnberger, Münchner Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, apple strudel and pretzels.


Germany through the traditions and customs

“Culinary ways of Germany”, “A living tradition” and “Art and handicrafts”, the main segments of the promotional campaign link the positive, modern image of Germany as a tourist destination with live, authentic tradition and its presence in today’s society.

The campaign encourages visitors from abroad to enjoy the many local specialties, to experience the traditional festivals and customs in the German regions and cities (e.g. The Munich Oktoberfest, Carnival in Cologne), to experience cultural events, and to discover the art, music and crafts.


Read the brochure about Tradition and Customs online.

For more information about Germany tourism offer visit www.germany.travel.

Photo: Jan Serdar /magic4.club

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