Magical Diving and Snorkeling Experience in Marsa Alam, Egypt

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Marsa Alam in Egypt is great location for both learners and experienced divers. Here you can get close to dolphins, turtles, several species of shark, parrotfish, the Dugong “sea cow,” and varieties of colorful coral. Snorkeling is the easiest way to enjoy the great reefs and stunning natural beauty of the wonderful world of the Red Sea, and you can explore and experience a lot only with snorkel, mask and fins. Who wants to experience more fun the best way is to book some snorkeling or diving tour. You don’t even have to bother with bringing your own gear,you can always hire it from the snorkeling and diving tours provider. Egypt diving is always special.

Snorkeling and diving excursions from Marsa Alam – special Egypt diving

Inside Akassia Swiss Resort in Marsa Alam you can find Diving.de snorkeling club, a perfect place to start your snorkeling tour.
The beautiful house reef, which can be reached directly from the resort beach is situated 200 meters from the dive center. More info diving.de.
If you decide to book your holiday in Marsa Alam or Hurghada you can easily experience some of the most beautiful snorkeling excursions of the Red Sea.

Utopia Island – close encounter with Nemo fish

Experience the ultimate snorkel in the calm crystal shallow waters during a full day trip among the most exciting Nemo fish and coral’s marine species. Explore the most stunning and breathtaking natural gigantic coral chimneys and schools of tiny fish whirling them around like dervishes in a ritual prayers. Spend the rest of the day snorkeling from the island sandy beach.

Marsa Mubarak – turtles world
A full day snorkel trip out to the stunning coral reefs of Marsa Mubarak and Schona. The trip includes two snorkeling courses at selected spots with their colorful corals, beautiful fish, manatees and turtles. As you enter the water, swim calmly out towards the open sea, keeping your eyes open for any movement. The turtles can usually be found munching on the sea grass or on the surface when they head up for air. The dugong is a bit more unpredictable, and there’s an element of luck to seeing him. Your guide can advise you on your chances and the best time to go, but generally both turtles and dugong are best spotted on morning rather than afternoon.

Abu Dabbab – home of the famous Dugongs

Abu Dabbab is one of the most famous diving sites in the Red Sea and of all of Egypt. It is one of the few places in the world where you can dive with the very rare and endangered Dugong aka the Sea Cow. In fact, there are two resident Dugongs in the Abu Dabbab bay named Dennis and Dougal. This dive site also features friendly giant Green Sea Turtles that you can swim with up close and personal. In the shallow water, it is not rare to spot the bizarre looking but completely harmless Guitar Shark. In addition to the big stuff, there are also superb macro subjects such as the ornate Ghost Pipefish, the rare thorny seahorse and the delicate Hairy Pygmy Pipe horse! So many adventures in the half day excursion.

Dolphin House – swimming with dolphins

Marsa Alam has one of the most important dolphin habitats in the Red Sea and the world. Samadai reef, more commonly known as “Dolphin House,” is the home to a large family of around sixty spinner dolphins. The full day trip includes snorkeling and swimming with the chance to spot pods of playful dolphins. Your boat will take you out to a coral reef, where you can pull on a mask and snorkel and join the colorful Red Sea residents underwater. After an hour or so it’s time for lunch on board, as we sail to our next snorkeling stop. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins as we glide along – they’ll often jump and flip over the waves.

Sataya Dolphin Reef snorkeling, diving and overnight trip – a unique underwater experience

Sataya Dolphin reef is located at the southeast tip of Fury Shoal and is 50km north of Berenice. It is the main reef of the Fury Shoals, and has steep walls leading down to a sandy slope scattered with a great variety of coral heads. There are many dolphins living in the area together with snappers, barracudas and white tips sharks. A unique full day experience no one should ever miss.

If you want to experience even more choose Sataya Dolphin reef overnight trip. You shall stay on board of the boat for 24 hours of pure heaven fully catered and you shall have the chance to swim with the dolphins in the early morning when they can be very playful.

Tropical Islands Hamata – deserted heaven of wildlife

This full day trip focuses on some of the hidden treasures of the Red Sea – the gorgeous Hamata islands south of Marsa Alam. Completely untouched by tourists, these tiny, deserted islands are havens for wildlife, both on land and sea. Things kick off with a drive to Ras Qulan, where tangled mangroves reach down to the waves and provide a home for loads of exotic flora and desert animals – bring your camera and click away. Then board a boat to chug around three of the islands, stopping for snorkeling sessions before docking at one for a closer look. Keep your camera at the ready – It won’t be long before you spot plodding turtles and armies of colorful birds.

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