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Efficient In-house Promotion Tactics for Travel Agents

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Travel is an experience, and therefore it’s vital to focus on the unique experience your travel agency and you as a travel expert can offer to the customers. Following the importance of experience always remember that your brochure, your website or any other promotion channel is not only the place to market numbers and figures or last minute sales, but first of all the place to show your diversity, creativity, quality client relations and pleasure to recommend and educate your loyal or potential travelers.


travel expert


10 tactics for better travel agency promotion

Be a travel expert

Specialize and be sure to let everybody knows that you have specialized in some type of tours, destinations, holiday packages etc. Create a meaningful story about topics that you are very familiar with and place them not only on your blog, newsletter, but send them also to the media who is relying on travel experts for advice.


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Compete on value not on price

Surprisingly few travelers choose their agents on the cost, so don’t bother to persuade yourself differently. Marketing your services as the cheapest around is a great way to attract customers, but a poor way to generate any real revenue. Instead of competing on price, compete on value. Most travelers are willing to pay more if your travel expert service goes beyond what your competitors can offer. Anyway, when you’re a small agency competing with much bigger ones on the market, it’s tough to compete on price. Instead, compete by treating customers so well they’ll spread the word and become part of your travel family.


Focus on repeat clients

It’s far easier to earn another booking from an existing clients than it is to reach a new one. One of the primary goals of your agency promotion should be finding your best customers and focusing on offering them a great experience. When you find time to get to know your clients better it will be much easier to offer them that specific service which they are in search for. Don’t wait for your old clients to come back, motivate them with holiday packages or some individual tour that you think they might like. Also, it is all about preferences, and when you listen and collect information from your clients it will be easier to attract them with some offer next time they call you. Find out more about loyalty program for your customers.


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Treat clients friendly

Travel PROffer your clients experience that will make them return to your agency, and bear in mind that word of mouth is the best marketing your agency could have. You don’t need thousands of fans on your social media or in mailing list, the real potential are those true fans that will spread the story of your agency whenever they have an opportunity to talk about traveling… Listen to them and award them from time to time.


Be active on social media

Being in a position to keep in touch with your travelers is a great way to develop constant communication that will entertain, motivate and when time to travel comes to have your client at your place. Create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page for your travel agency and connect with all of your customers directly. Recommend destinations, activities, and special deals on social media to generate direct sales and valuable feedback from your audience.

Remember, video brings a destination to life and can help your business go viral. Set up a YouTube channel for your travel expert business. Ensure that your employees engage in various study tours and encourage them to film on-destinations clips, or simply run a video competition through your database and award a prize for best travel video.


travel expert


Be constant with your newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to attract customers back to your travel agency. Be regular, be constant, and take care that your newsletter includes useful information about holiday choices, don’t forget about tips and tricks, recommendations from agency’s employees… Ask clients for their email address when they visit your agency and invest in time to make a mailing list that will be a very valuable source of your future clients.


Retarget potential customers

Do customers visit your website, only to leave and never return? Many of the people that leave your website without making a booking can be converted into customers with the right retargeting strategy. Retargeting is highly effective in the travel industry because customers often compare several options before making a decision. It is a form of advertising that only targets people who’ve already visited your website.

To start a retargeting campaign all you need to do is place a small pixel or JavaScript snippet on your website, then target your audience using your favorite advertising platform. One of the most popular retargeting platforms is Facebook. In this way you will have much more return visitors on your website, and don’t lose potential ones.


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Ask for a feedback

Ask your customers for feedback, because in this way you will show concern to improve your travel expert service, you will collect important information about your marketing activities and what is working better, and finally you will collect recommendations for your future promotions. Everybody likes to read reviews, so don’t forget to run up it to your website.


Write a blog

Travel-related business always benefits from writing a company blog. Your blog posts don’t have to be long, just interesting and of value to your visitors. Use every opportunity to let people know where your employees have travelled, what their recommendations are and any tips they might have. Useful information, destination descriptions, top lists, city guides, experiences…there is a plenty of content materials that can make you more visible and distinguish you from others. Regular blog posts are also doing a great connection to your social media channels and allow you a constant talk with your followers. Here you will find more pieces of advice about travel blog writing.


Be creative with in and out agency promo materials

Make sure your travel agency has posters, flyers, banners and other materials placed in high traffic areas so you can brand yourself as a travel expert 24 hours a day. Be creative when you are fixing up your agency’s space, and think of all beautiful photos that emphasize experience and inspire to travel.


travel expert

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