Velebit mountain

Velebit – One of the European most beautiful nature spots

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Untouched landscapes, biodiversity and authenticity, as well as natural phenomena will follow you through this mysterious mountain. Rugged and harsh both in its climate and terrain Velebit is not a tamed area, and don’t let the presence of men lead you to believe otherwise. Here you have the chance to encounter bear, wolf, lynx and golden eagle, and other predators at the top of the food chain which need a large expense of land and abundance of prey.


Although Velebit is not a high mountain; the highest peak is Vaganski peak height of 1,757 m, its topmost parts have true mountain climate owing to their position and relief. When aiming to visit Northern Velebit, be sure to inform yourself about road and mountain path conditions and always read tips and recommendations which are intended for your own safety.


Since the Northern Velebit is a mountain park, the visiting season depends on the snow cover on the mountain peaks. The Park is usually open to visitors from the beginning of May till the end of November.

Part of the Dinaric Alps

The range is part of the Dinaric Alps and is located along the Adriatic coast, separating it from Lika in the interior. Velebit mountain begins in the northwest near Senj with the Vratnik mountain pass and ends 145 km to the southeast near the source of the Zrmanja river northwest of Knin. The most popular spots on Velebit are: the peak of Vučjak, above Zavižan, the botanical gardens on Zavižan, Rožanski kukovi,Štirovača and the Paklenica National Park.

Velebit mountain


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