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Asta Yachting Promoted Sailing in Croatia on Serbian Market

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Sailing is an extraordinary adventure, and it deserves to be presented in an extraordinary way. For the first time charter company Asta Yachting from Zadar has presented charter business processes and all the important facts regarding sailing in Croatia to Serbian travel market. During interactive B2B workshop that took place in Belgrade Art Hotel on 8th of September Serbian travel agents had the opportunity to be introduced into charter business and all the features of booking process, they learned more about most important and most scenic Croatian coast marinas as well about different boat types and services of Asta Yachting charter company.




Interactivity and positive atmosphere for great learning experience

At the workshop we hosted around 15 travel agents whose work greatly contributes to the development of the culture of traveling in Serbia as well as to the organization of various individual and groups holidays. Presentation was held by Ms Selma Čmelik, Head of Sales and Marketing department, Ms Dina Botica and Ms Maja Bogdan from Booking department.




As sailing in Croatia is yet not familiar travel product on Serbian market this was a very informative and useful workshop where agents could ask all the questions concerned to sail experience. The workshop took place during the working hours and consisted of two parts; interactive presentation and operational part where agents had the opportunity to try the booking system. During lunch time and after the business part we also had a wonderful time in networking and enjoyed delicious Mediterranean and traditional Serbian food.


Specialized B2B workshops for best results

One more time, this type of B2B workshops showed how important is to be specialized and focused on topic and work in smaller groups to achieve the best results in new product implementation. Not to mention the positive atmosphere when everybody had a chance to talk to each other and exchange the views and experiences.




With more than 20 years of experience and its own fleet of more than 60 sailing and motor boats for charter, Asta Yachting has positioned as a leader in charter services in Croatia. In Asta Yachting fleet you will find all the most popular sailing yacht brands like Bavaria, Benetau, Jeanneau Elan, Hanse, Vektor and other. The location of the fleet and base are situated in the biggest marina in the country. Beautiful marina Dalmacija in Sukošan offers all necessary facilities and services, but its main advantage is a central location which ensures that you are on an ideal starting point for exploring the Adriatic coast and especially beautiful Kornati national park which is just one or two hours away.




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