Inspiring Positive Side through a Detox Journey for Body, Mind & Soul

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We all need to move away from our daily routine in order to realize the importance of „self improvement“ as well as to find a motivation for changing harmful habits and those that disturb our natural balance. A detox journey is the journey where we have the opportunity to meet our inner self, rejuvenate our body, listen our mind and pamper our soul.


Detox Journey


This type of holiday is a simple way of discovering what is truly important and at the same time the best for our own happiness and pleasure. And all of it in a perfect harmony with nature. A detox in a vital environment of island Lošinj will help with exploring and understanding the importance of healthy food habits, and its impact on general satisfaction and achieving an optimal strength.


Detox Journey


Why take a Detox Journey

If you are looking for the best way to widen your own world and views, and work on yourself in a leisurely way then detox journey will for sure have a lot of benefits. This type of holiday is also perfect for those who are trying to find the cause of chronic illness, and at the same time for the ways how to overcome it. When you feel anxiety and imbalance in the life and are looking for the opportunity to find every day’s balance here you will have a great opportunity to reexamine your feelings. With detox programs you will build up firmness, resistance and more relaxed view on life through pieces of advice, a support and a positive atmosphere.


Detox Journey


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