Krabi islands

Krabi – Thailand’s Island Paradise

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Krabi is one of the most beautiful provinces of Thailand, and yet many said that places here are overcrowded with tourists, it is still possible among hundreds of Krabi islands to find your peace of heaven. Crystal clear Andaman sea, islands with powdery white sand and magnificent limestones that emerge from turquoise water make Krabi one of the most picturesque destinations in Thailand, and for sure one of the most naturally breathtaking.


Krabi islands


Island hopping – the best way to see the true beauty of Krabi

Hiring a long tail boat for the day, cruising from island to island, and stopping on stretches of white sand and taking dips in the warm ocean is an experience that will have a special place in your memory. It’s estimated that there are around 200 islands around the Krabi coastline; many are small rocky outcrops that rise precipitously out of the sea and have no landing access. Others are larger and uninhabited, with characteristic tiny white sand beaches, coral reefs, and intricate cave systems.

There are four groups of islands accessible from the mainland coast in Krabi: the Phi Phi Islands; the Hong Islands; the 4 Islands; and James Bond Island. Each group can be covered in a one day tour – either a private boat, or as part of an organized tour.


Krabi islands


The quietness and peace of islands allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature all around, and when you add all the adrenalin activities (scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, rock climbing, zip line, elephant safari, trekking…) and culture activities (temple visit, culinary courses, yoga…) on the continental part of Krabi, accompanied by friendly people, great food experiences and various types of accommodation available it is hard not to say that Krabi is a one of the most complete destination customed for all types of passengers. It is hard to believe that anyone who came here didn’t find his point of interest or some beautiful corner to enjoy and find the piece of mind.


Krabi islands


Ao Nang – one place for many different experiences

One of the liveliest parts of Krabi is Ao Nang, a vibrant tourist centre packed with restaurants and bars, different types of accommodation, shops, massage centres, and long sandy beaches. From here you will easily take a boat to smaller Krabi islands like Tub island, Poda island, Chicken island, Bamboo island, Pak Bia island, Mor island or beautiful Phra Nang Cave beach and Railay beach, and have a half day or full day trip that will bring you far away from all the tourist buzz.


Krabi islands


Krabi Resort – relaxation surrounded by Thai tradition

When we talk about traditional style accommodation in Ao Nang with a private beach access head to Krabi Resort where the beauty of Thai style bungalows perfectly match with lush vegetation spread all around the resort. Here you will not enjoy only the beautiful stretch of sandy beach but also have a great opportunity to stroll around private herb garden, and be surrounded by forest and lakes perfectly incorporated in the traditional story of the resort. Variety of bars, from which one is in the swimming pool, restaurants and activity facilities make this resort a great place to spend a holiday close to the beach tranquility, and when you are in search for entertainment it is easily available two minutes outside the resort.


Krabi Islands


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