Food Bloggers Trip to Berlin

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By the end of 2015 we were delighted when we were asked to organize a Bloggers trip to Berlin with a theme „German Traditions & Customs“. As we already had a wonderful cooperation with German National Tourism Board while organizing a Media Event with a focus on socializing with German traditional gastronomy and other traditions and customs, we’ve decided together that the idea of sending food bloggers on this trip would emphasize even more the main theme of German National Tourism Board for 2015.


Food Bloggers


We also wanted to make bloggers happy, and give them a pleasant experience as a Christmas gift so we’ve sent them to Berlin in period 26 – 29 December 2015 to experience a Christmas spirit of the cosmopolitan German capital. The decision was made, and Nevena from blog Hlebilale and Barbara from Foodiona packed they luggage and took off to Berlin.

As we choose food bloggers for this trip, we made a program which gave food bloggers the opportunity to learn and experience amazing Berlin’s bar and beer culture during the Beer tour, to learn about street art, graffiti, and Berlin’s coolest districts, to get tips on cultural activities, restaurants and nightlife while being part of Alternative City Tour.


Food Bloggers


For the experience of culinary scene of Berlin we took them to two completely different types of restaurants – Neni restaurant and Berliner Republik. Even though those two restaurants are completely different, they are both perfectly showing Berlin’s diversity.


Food Bloggers


During their stay in Berlin bloggers also enjoyed in Christmas market’s spirit and in all traditional food and arts and crafts specific for German tradition. Nevena and Barbara have discovered all those beautiful parts of the city either with public transport using Berlin Welcome Card or by one of the Berliners favorite means of transportation – a bicycle.


Food Bloggers


This trip also gave Nevena and Barbara the opportunity to explore Berlin according to their personal interest, and to widen their horizons not only about German traditions and customs, but also about all those small things that make Berliners happy.

We are all looking forward to Nevena’s and Barbara’s new culinary delights, and we are sure that some of them will also be inspired by their trip to Berlin.
Here you can read (in Serbian language) about Nevena’s experience of Berlin, and here and here (in Croatian language) how Berlin looks from Barbara’s eyes, and you can follow Barbara on her youtube channel.

We would like to thank to all our partners and bloggers working with us on this project, as it was a real pleasure working with all of you.
Looking forward to some new common adventures.

Photo credits: Barbara Črgar & Nevena Zelunka Cvijetić

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