Bangkok’s Beauty is in the Eye of Beholder

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Bangkok was a first stop on our two weeks Thailand trip, and we were aware that our first visit to the city might be a bit daunting as it is steamy, modern sprawl that seems to carry on endlessly. From the other side we were excited and were looking forward to new experiences as we knew that the only thing Bangkok doesn’t offer the visitor is boredom.

After more than 12 hours of flying we arrived in the Thailand’s capital and at the airport took a taxi to Salil hotel in Sukhumvit Road area which is the main avenue in the eastern part of the city.
For most of the people Sukhumvit Road it might look like a creation of devil, but if you walk slowly or you take your time and sit in a bar in one of the sois (side streets), you will have an opportunity to enjoy in scenes where vendors selling copy watches, girls having a chat in front of massage studio, women selling flowers, trucks with fresh fruits, Buddist shrines and other details which give this city jungle a special touch.


Wandering around Bangkok

During our three day stay in Bangkok we have spent most of our time wondering around the city, and soaking its special atmosphere. An afternoon stroll through Lumpini Park, central Bangkok’s largest green lung, a walk through a China Town, night boat ride on Chao Praya River all the way to the north, and a dinner around Khao San Road were a bit challenging for the first day, but it was worth it. We finished our first night enjoying in live music around Khao San Road and in a foot massage which was a real blessing after the whole day on our feet.


Next two days we combined a bit of business and a bit of leisure, and we were happy that due to the location of business meetings we had an opportunity to enjoy in Charoenkrung Road and its true street food heaven. At this place be ready to immerse all your senses and let the wonderful colors, interesting smells and the whole atmosphere make you curious and ready to explore.


Bangkok’s Nightlife

After all day sightseeing it was time to explore the city that explodes with the liveliest entertainment in Asia. The only truth is that you have to experience it on your own. We’ve been to a several places around Khao San Road where we had lots of fun in a couple of bars with a live music. We also used the opportunity of our hotel location and visited a couple of bars and clubs in Sukhumvit area. This experience can’t be compared to any other city I’ve visited and its nightlife.


Our three days stay in Bangkok was not enough to see and do all what we have planned, but that is one of the reasons why it will be worth coming back, and explore the city from another perspective.
I would suggest to go with the flow, and keep in mind that one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Photo credit: magic4.club

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