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If you are traveling to Chiang Mai, and looking for the accommodation where you will experience a touch of Lanna culture, feel like you are in the different world where unique and exotic details with tender sounds and gentle fragrance will follow you all the way together with a big simile of kind and professional employees, De Naga hotel is the right place for you. Centrally located hotel is the place where you will gladly come back after an active day and enjoy in relaxation and in a good night sleep.


Story behind the hotel name

In the days of ancient times, when gods ruled the earth and mythological creatures roamed the lands, ruled the seas, and reigned from the skies, the magnificent Phaya Naga existed. According to northern legend, this formidable serpentine creature, a symbol of strength, opulence, and eternal life, helped the righteous Kings in building the city. Drawing inspiration from this mystical creature, De Naga hotel Chiang Mai displays an array of Naga throughout the hotel in the form of statues, ornaments and various decorative details. Befitting to the northern region of Thailand, the hotel exemplifies the strikingly exotic Lanna style. Using a distinctly typical Lanna architectural design, which is evident from the steep gabled roof descending from an elongated pinnacle into curved, flame-shaped eaves, the architecture originates from the northern parts of Thailand. The hotel is constructed using teak wood and elevated from the ground in the traditional manner.


Where locality is a priority, De Naga Chiang Mai provides this with added convenience. Situated across from Tha Pae Gate in the Old City, the hotel is placed in a prime location, right in the heart of the city. The sights and attractions of Chiang Mai are all in close proximity, with many various cultural attractions, the Sunday walking street, and local shops within 10 minutes walking distance, as well as featured view of Doi Suthep Mountain.



Very comfortable rooms designed to implement the modern art with the beauty of nature will be your perfect home during your stay in Chiang Mai. The decorations and facilities are based on woods to keep the balance of nature. Rooms depicts quality for value and are ideal for honeymooners, as well as leisure travelers who have a discerning taste for an exotic blend of Northern ambience.


De Naga Hotel


Dining Option

Hotel has three restaurants and each of them tells its own story, but at the same time they all present contemporary Thai Style with arts and culture of the region. Tawa Bistro gives you an opportunity to have a rich international breakfast and enjoy in freshly brewed coffee and homemade juices in an outdoor garden surrounded by bamboo trees. Or you might like to try one of the dishes from a wide selection of international or Thai favorites, along with some local specialties.


De Naga Hotel


While Naga Restaurant is situated nearby the courtyard set in an open-air style, and features a delectable array of dishes, Lovers Court is positioned in the center of the hotel nearby the poolside terrace and is a perfect place for an afternoon drink or a private dinner.


De Naga Hotel


De Naga Hotel’s Spa

Naga Spa is a perfect place to relax, unwind and escape from the busy Chiang Mai streets. Upon arrival to the spa you will notice that attention is paid to every element to give you a complete rejuvenating experience – soothing sounds, intoxicating aromas, caring staffs, peaceful and tranquil ambience, serenity and pampering indulgence.Treatments include various massage therapies, body treatments and functional facial treatment flavored by traditional rejuvenation secret of the East.


De Naga Hotel


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