Yas Beach

Yas Beach – the fun side of Abu Dhabi

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When it comes to beaches in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island’s Yas Beach certainly takes the leading spot. Its many entertainment and sports facilities have firmly secured its reputation as one of the best locations for socialising and leisure in Abu Dhabi. Yas Beach takes sunny seaside fun to the level of perfection – despite its close proximity to the urban centre, the atmosphere of the beach is almost tropical, which is why locals consider their beach outings to be much like mini-vacations.

Yas Beach


A Beach with a View of the Mangrove Forests

The beach is situated on the south side of Yas Island and is open from 10 AM to 7 PM on weekdays and from 10 AM to 10 PM on weekends. The Yas Beach concept is based on the mangrove, a tree that can easily survive the harsh heat of Abu Dhabi’s climate, as well as the high salinity of its sea. Its canopies provide a delightful shade for a variety of animals, while its roots serve as protection for marine life. The beachside mangrove trees make a beautiful sight, but also provide shelter from the high desert temperatures.
In addition to swimming and sunbathing, visitors to the beach can work out in the outdoor gym, play volleyball, go kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, or simply relax on its pristine white sand or by the wonderful infinity pool. Families with children will enjoy the children’s playground and swimming pool.


Yas Beach


Free entrance is provided to all Yas Island hotel guests, while other visitors pay 12 euro on weekdays and 24 euro on weekends. The price includes beach towels, a deckchair, and entrance to the infinity and children’s swimming pools. Children under 8 can enter for free. Additional content is charged separately.


The “WOW” Effect of the Tropics

Despite its man-made nature, the beach is impressive and visitors will certainly experience the “WOW” effect normally associated with tropical beaches. The beach feels exclusive, but is actually available to all Yas Island hotel guests without additional fees. Its shallow waters and delightful white sand make the beach ideal for families with children, as well as those who prefer an active beachside vacation.


Yas Beach


The infinity pool is only available to visitors over 21 on Fridays, making it the perfect party spot from 11 AM to 23 PM. Of course, this does not mean that music and entertainment is lacking on the beach on other days of the week.


Yas Beach Club – More Than Just a Sandy Beach

Visitors to Abu Dhabi will find that an outing to Yas Beach is truly like venturing onto a different, profoundly peaceful plane, dimensions away from the stress of everyday reality. With all the benefits provided by Yas Beach Club, which is an integral part of the beach, vacation here takes you to a world of total luxury, a world devoted only to pleasure and completely detached from worry and stress. Club facilities are open every day from 10 AM. They include a restaurant, a spacious infinity pool, a beautiful stretch of sandy beach surrounded by shallow and peaceful waters, an open air DJ booth, and comfortable beach and poolside daybeds.


Yas Beach


The picturesque view from the beach stretches to the nearby sandy islands and natural mangrove forests. Yas Beach Club aims to deliver a total vacation, with great music and an intimate atmosphere, which can be even further improved by renting out a personal daybed on the beach, where you will be served by your own private butler. The experience is akin to a Mediterranean holiday, but, of course, with a dash of desert air.


Non-stop Fun at Yas Beach

Yas Beach is famous for its “LivDay – LivNight” motto, essentially reminding visitors that this is a place where the fun never stops. Days are spent relaxing on the beach or by the pool, possibly in one of the popular daybeds, with a delicious drink from the extensive cocktail offer. As the sun sets, the fun moves to the poolside, where world-famous DJs offer great music and top-grade entertainment almost daily. The hedonistic party atmosphere does not stop until the early hours of the morning, making Yas Beach one of the top nightlife venues in Abu Dhabi. Yas Beach masterfully utilises all it has to offer, staying true to its motto: “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and breathe the wild air.”

The beach is an example of world-class design, based on a graceful combination of white and gold, seashell-shaped lighting fixtures and flamingo-shaped signposts, all adding to the atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity. This does not, however, mean that the beach is a pretentious place. Yas Beach is primarily an epicentre of positive vibrations, devoted to creating a friendly atmosphere of pure relaxation, rather than unnecessary elitism.
One of the most popular entertainment venues is the tropical Tiki Bar, where visitors can enjoy a light meal or cocktail from its extensive offer. On weekends, the Tiki Bar becomes a centre of nightlife and attracts people from all over Yas Island.


Yas Beach


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