Yas Links

Yas Links – Golf courses designed by Kyle Philipps

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Spanning a series of rolling hills located directly on the coastline, Yas Links boasts the title of being the first golf course in the Middle East region. The course was designed by Kyle Phillips, one of the world’s leading golf course designers. This is a course that blends tradition and the fascinating desert environment to create a truly unique golfing experience. Yas Links features a full 18-hole golf course and a smaller 9-hole academy course, as well as floodlit practice facilities, all set against the dramatic view of the Arabian Gulf.


Yas Links Golf Courses – A Golfing Challenge for True Perfectionists

The courses at Yas Links are designed to offer a challenge for professionals, amaze amateurs, and inspire beginners. Yas Links celebrates the golfing tradition, while simultaneously aiming to please even the most refined golfer’s taste. The courses are representative of the leading trends in links design, and are the result of a special approach that takes into account the unique features of the hilly landscape and utilises the natural environment to create a one-of-a-kind golfing challenge. A well-balanced mix of the latest technological innovations and golfing tradition has secured Yas Links’ status as one of the favourite destinations for many of the world’s famous golfers. Yas Links is primarily intended for full-time members to whom it offers a variety of membership benefits, but is also open for first-time and one-day visitors.
Original in its design, style, natural features, location, and history, Yas Links will challenge and inspire all those looking for an authentic adventure experience. The complex also features facilities for business meetings and various other events, whether business or private.


Yas Links


Yas Links Club – A Holistic Approach to Golfing

The courses at Yas Links are designed to take the golfing experience to the next level – the club portion of the complex aims to do the same with the culture of living, as will immediately become obvious to anyone who happens to find themselves at the premises.  Along with golfing, visitors can enjoy the gentle sea breeze and a view of the Arabian Gulf at the infinity pool, or blow off steam in the futuristic sauna or one of the designated relaxation areas that combine the latest in architectural design with special lighting and effects of aromatherapy to create a state of utmost tranquillity. Even the showers are designed with the holistic principle in mind – heat and lighting combine with the effects of the water stream to thoroughly ease the strain and fatigue after a difficult game.


Yas Links


Yas Golf Academy – Ideal for Corporate Socialising or Family Entertainment

The Yas Links Golf Academy welcomes golfers of all skill levels. With the help of the Academy’s expert and professional staff, anyone can improve their knowledge of golfing, whether they are amateurs or professionals, complete beginners, adults or children, individuals or groups.
The Academy is also popular with organisers of corporate events, as it provides training for golfers along with exquisite entertainment, an excellent culinary experience, and opportunities for informal poolside relaxation and socialising.
The Yas Links Golf Academy features two indoor swing studios, six covered hitting bays, a 9-hole academy course, and a floodlit short game practice area where visitors can work to improve their skills – whether it’s day or night. Privacy, availability, and top-grade quality have secured Yas Links’ popularity and status as the prime golfing oasis in the Arabian Gulf region, as well as the world.

50-minute family golfing courses are available at Yas Links every Friday, providing an ideal opportunity for families to socialise and have fun while at Yas Island, while simultaneously improving or learning a new skill guaranteed to benefit them in the future.

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