Flying Isfahan

Flying Isfahan with Gastro and Travel blog Foodiona

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How to bring the destination alive? Or better say how to experience a tasty side of Isfahan without even going to this beautiful city?

Delicious with Persian style

Our gastro and travel blogger Barbara Črgar from blog Foodiona taught us how to prepare delicacies from Persian cuisine such us chelo kebab  – lamb with rice and Nan Berendži  biscuits with rice flour and cardamom. If this is not enough to turn on your imagination, and motivate you to immediately pack for Isfahan, then maybe it will be easier to decide about your Isfahan journey if you know the information that Austrian Airlines is flying to Isfahan 3 times per week from Vienna. After departure from Zagreb and short stopover in Vienna, continuing the flight that will last 4 hours and 20 minutes you will find yourself in the magical city of Isfahan.

If you want to learn a little about Persian cuisine go and check Foodiona and find out how to make chelo kebab and Nan Berendži biscuits. And if you want a live version go and check Barbara’s Youtube channel.

Fall in love with Isfahan

Iran with its 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the country with the highest concentration of UNESCO sites in the Middle East. Its tradition is visible at every step, and although the country doesn’t know what massive tourism really means, it is still place which increasingly is working on tourism improvement. Here you can find more than 1.100 hotels of which 130 are 4 and 5 stars rated, and another 400 new hotels are planned over next ten years.


Those who visited Isfahan are trully enchanted and usually say they fell in love with the city. The city is nicknamed “Half of all the world”, because of its grandiose sights and unrivalled beauty that is best seen through skyline of domes and minarets, with its vibrant bazaars and local people who will always have time to invite you for a cup of tea, and who will always be interest to know more about you. Here you can feel that special feeling of old times and be amazed with authentic scenery, and energy that is far away from modern hype.
More about Isfahan find in our blog post.

Austrian Airlines direct flights to Iran

In addition to the existing flight service to Tehran, Austrian Airlines expanded its route portfolio to Iranian destinations, and is offering up to 18 direct flights each week to Iran.

After 30 years a new bilateral air transport agreement between Austria and Iran was concluded in October 2015. It serves as the basis for expanding Austrian Airlines overall flight offering to Iran.

Austrian Airlines

Thanks to the new flights to Isfahan, Austrian Airlines offers the business community a further direct flight connection as the basis for expanding trade ties between the two countries. Austrian Airlines will operate three weekly flights to this university town in Central Iran, and flight service will be offered throughout the entire year on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays deploying an Airbus A319. The flights departure from Vienna in 8.45 pm and arrives to Isfahan 3.55 am local time. Return flight from Isfahan departures at 5.50 am and arrives to Vienna at 10.50 am.

Bloggers are great promoters of destinations and airlines

When talking about destinations promotion and airlines promotion travel, gastro, fashion and in general lifestyle bloggers should be a great part of communication strategy of any brand. Not only they will promote destination in truly inspiring style but also their experiences, thoughts and tips will have more impact on public. Bloggers are persuasive, emotional, inspirational, they have clear way to readers imagination.


The influence of travel bloggers is getting even better in the times of fast social media sharing, as they are really skilled and creative when posting their content. Another important reason to cooperate with them is the fact that they really know how to engage people, and they have loyal readers who are willing to share their suggestions. And the most beautiful part of cooperation with bloggers is that they don’t just do the promotion campaign, they truly live it!

Travel to Isfahan with Foodiona

Photo credits: Austrian Airlines, Foodiona, Mira Pavlaković/Freeimages, magic4.club

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