German National Tourism Board and Lufthansa presentation in Zagreb

Germany tourism and Lufthansa business news as a part of a funny quiz organized for Croatian travel agents

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Latest gathering that we organized for the German National Tourist Board and Lufthansa on 14th of March 2017 was really filled with a great atmosphere. About fifteen participants from Croatian travel agencies had the opportunity to join a funny quiz where they could test their knowledge of German ladscape features, some simple facts from German history especially from the period of Martin Luther and Reformation, as well as updates from Lufthansa business. This time after work party and casual networking  took place at the creative and centrally located BEDac164 hostel in Zagreb.


Germany Travel and Lufthansa joinz promotional activities in Zagreb


Not so hard Quiz time and easy Culinary delights prepared by gastro and travel blogger

The opening speech was made by Ms Ana Vjetrov, marketing manager from Regional GNTB office in charge for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia, and by Mr. Bernhard Wodl, regional manager Lufthansa group for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.



Afterwards, participants eagerly refreshed knowledge in the quiz which resulted in mostly correct answers and in a great enthusiasm to try culinary delights prepared by gastro and travel blogger Barbara Črgar, the author of blog Foodiona.


GNTB and Lufthansa in Zagreb


We as well had the winner of the quiz, who not only had to know all the facts and figures regarding Germany tourism and Lufthansa novelties, but was also the luckiest one as the first person drawn with all correct answers. Mr. Dean Sudec from Btravel agency will travel to Frankfurt accompanied by one person according his wish.

German National Tourist Board and Lufthansa in Zagreb


500 years of the Reformation as the backbone of the German tourism promotion for 2017

German National Tourist Board  in 2017 in the center of its global sales and marketing activities puts the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Campaign Luther 2017 – 500 years of the Reformation in Germany is the culmination of Luther’s story.


Germany tourism and Lufthansa promotion in Zagreb


It’s been 500 years since Martin Luther published his 95 theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg. Although historically unsubstantiated, it is an event that changed the world and it is the reason for celebrating the great anniversary of 2017 that will not be celebrated only in the Luther cities of Wittenberg and Eisleben. Martin Luther was a monk, teacher and reformer, and Germany will this year in a special way pay a tribute to one of its greatest sons.


GNTB and Lufthansa in Zagreb


Follow Martin Luther on his journey throughout Germany and embark on an exciting journey between Frankfurt and Berlin. On the trip of Reformation trip you can taste the spirit of impressive cities such as: Worms, Speyer, Heidelberg, Augsburg? Spalt, Nuremberg, Coburg, Schmalkalden, Eisenach, Erfurt, Weimar, Halle? Wittenberg …


Receptive Tourism in Germany has unstoppable growth

In 2016 for the first time there are more than 80 million foreign tourists registered to come in Germany. Average growth in the number of overnight stays from tourists coming from the countries of the Balkans is every year more and more impressive. Primarily because of excellent airline connections.  The leading market is Croatia (+ 42%), Romania (+ 10.1%) and Bulgaria (+ 4.7%).


GNTB and LUfthansa B2B quiz in Zagreb

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Photo credit: Talento Production, GNTB
Culinary signed by Barbara Črgar/Foodiona

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