Rafting Una river

Una River – Rafting and Perfect Relaxation in an Amazing Nature

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When you spend most of the year living in a city surrounded with everything you think you need, every getaway in a nature becomes a precious moment where you are able to immerse in all those amazing small things we usually take for granted. It’s been a while since we’ve spend a day at Una River, but still when I think about it, memories bring a special moment of calmness and happiness that the one can feel only if connected with a wonderful mother nature.


Una River


Within little bit less than 3 hours driving from Zagreb the road led us to the beginning of our one day adventure at Una river – rafting with an overnight in one of the weekend houses just on a river bank. Una, as a jewel of the natural heritage of the National Park “Una”, make a combination of valuable natural features, of diverse and preserved natural landscapes of exceptional beauty and rich cultural and historical heritage. Una River is also a natural border between Croatia and Bosnia.


One day at Una River

Our hosts were guys from Una Aqua Center who took care of all the details at our arrival.  As soon as all the equipment was loaded to our vans we headed to the place where we prepared for rafting and got useful and safety instructions from skippers after which our rafting adventure through numerous waterfalls and rapids had started.


Rafting Van Ua River


Skipper Instructions for Rafrint at Una River


During around 3 hours we had an opportunity to experience and enjoy in the route of 15 km which starts just below second biggest waterfall, Štrbački buk. Štrbački buk is made of several waterfalls close to one another and it is a magnificent image a man can enjoy for hours.


Štrbački buk Una river


Its height of 23,5m makes you feel a great respect to the nature and the strength of the water. Our experienced and professional skippers took all of our boats down the waterfall from where we actually started our trip.


Štrbački buk Una River


Una River Rafting


Rafting at the river Una is an ideal way to get introduced to all the beauty of the river and its canyon. It is also a wonderful way to spend a quality time with your friends, family or colleagues. Team work is very important here, and the joy and satisfaction you feel afterwards is priceless.


End of rafting route Una river


After being all day active we were all looking forward to a delicious lunch which was waiting for us on Japods Islands.


Lunch at Japods Islands Una river


Japods Islands – natural beauty for pure relaxation

Japods Islands is a tourist archaeological complex and location where everything is made according to the nature. The main aim of this unique place is to attract people looking for real natural beauties, and give them an opportunity to unwind and completely relax.


Stress free zone una river


Due to that the owner decided that that there will not be an internet connection. Here you will find five islands connected with wooden bridges, and all you can hear is bird’s twitting.


Japods Islands Una River


This place spreads on 20.000 square meters and offers restaurant services, camp, and a unique accommodation – a tree house.
Unfortunately the tree house was already booked, and we did not have the opportunity to experience this unique accommodation, but we offered a cosy weekend house on the other river bank where we have spent one night.


Boat on the river Una Japods Islands


Another amazing moment was the next morning when we woke up, hear again only quiet, and enjoy in all the harmony that surrounded us.


Morning Moment at river Una


This is definitely one of the places where I would like to keep coming back, and would recommend to all of those looking for a peace, harmony, and amazing nature.

Thank you Una Aqua Center for this amazing opportunity!

Photo credits: magic4.club, Una Aqua Centar

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