Pátzcuaro & Morelia – Waiting to be Discovered

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Our Mexican trip continued towards the state of Michoacán following the highway. On our way we were followed by eagles who were in a carefree way overflowing numerous cactus’s on the slopes of Sierra Madre del Sur catching the currents of the wind. It was another sign that we are going to experience some more of real Mexican culture while vistiting Pátzcuaro & Morelia.


Magical City of Pátzcuaro

When we enter Pátzcuaro it was interesting to see and feel the spirit of this magical city, as well as to witness to such cultural and natural wealth in one state. Even though we did not have the opportunity to see and experience most of it as we were there only for couple of hours, but the stories we heard definitely encouraged me to think more about this destination and its possibilities.




It was a Sunday and the main square was full of local people enjoying in the spirit, colours and music that surrounded the place and showed how history and tradition can be proudly kept alive.

We were welcomed by the major of Pátzcuaro who generously spent some time with us, and showed us so much in so little time.


The real heart of the state of Michoacán is people

Purépechas are people who were never conquered by the Aztec Empire. The origins of the Purépechas can be traced back to pre-colonial times, and today they still live in Michoacán. There is lot of architectural heritage they’ve left behind, but the most important testimony is art and handcrafts, together with their language, literature, and music.

During our stay we had enjoyed in Purépechas dancing and singing performance, we learned the importance of Don Vasco de Quiroga – one of New Spain’s most visionary political, social and spiritual leaders, visited the cathedral together with the remains of Vasco de Quiroga, Mural de Juan o’Gorman (a Mexican painter and architect), local Mezcaleria, and visited House of Eleven Courtyards which was made in traditional Spanish architecture style so their ladies can feel like at home, and today here you can find colourful craft shops.


Patzcuaro sign


Patzcuaro streets


Mural de Juan o’Gorman_Patzcuaro_Michoacan








Lady in Patzcuaro near Morelia


Even though it was a short and fast visit to Pátzczuaro, its cobbled streets still have lots of stories to be told. Unfortunately, we’ll have to leave it to some other time as we had to continue our trip to Morelia.


Morelia – Artistic Treasury

After 60 more kilometres we’ve arrived in Morelia, the capital of Michoacán that has an aristocratic feel. Before we entered the city, we went to one of the most famous restaurants where the chef is famous Cynthia Martinez – San Miguelito whose mission is to maintain an original and magical place with a careful teamwork, captivating the five senses of their customers. San Miguelito Restaurant is definitely not classic restaurant as it’s divided into different spaces: the shop, the altar of the Conversations, the Corner of the Solteronas, (dedicated to the miraculous San Antonio) where you can make a wish and the dining room where each table is different.




As we only had a couple of hours to visit the city, we quickly went through the city centre and visited the cathedral for who it was necessary 83 years to be completely built. The inside of the church is a bit eclectic as it is a combination of more styles. It’s interesting that every Saturday visitors can enjoy in a lightening show on the facade of the cathedral. Another interesting fact in Morelia is that streets in the city always end with a religious building. In the Governor Palace of Michoacán is another interesting piece of architecture with amazing murals which tells the history of Morelia.


Morelia Statue








If I would travel there again, definitely would stay in Morelia and from there would explore not only Pátzcuaro & Morelia, but also enjoy other beauties of the state of Michoacán.

This visit was made thanks to Tourism Board of Mexico.

Photo credits: magic4.club

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