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Thon Hotels – Green heart of the Brussels hospitality

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When you have only two days to discover Brussels the best option is to book hotel in the city centre. For our stay in this artistic city we selected Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre which is just steps from the city’s main shopping street, and a 10 minute walk from the Grand Place. The hotel is close to Rogier metro station and Brussels North Station with direct connection to Brussels Airport. Its great position gives you a lot of opportunity for easy discovering of the city. Moreover, as I stayed at 26 floor  of this great Thon hotels choice, I had a great panoramic view of the city which makes you feel wonderful early in the morning, and during the night when all the lights go out. Double room stay per night goes from 59 Eur.


Thon Hotels


Thon Hotels provide different types of stay in Brussels

Thon hotels have its 5 hotels and 3 apartment buildings in Brussels. 4 of Thon hotels as well as apartments are located in Brussels city centre, while one hotel is adjacent to Brussels’ international airport.

Our first morning in Brussels we also visited Thon hotel EU which is located in the European Quarter of Brussels. Thon Hotel EU is also eco-friendly hotel and ideal starting point for both business and leisure travelers. Most of the European Institutions are within easy walking distance and the historical city center is about a stone’s throw away.


Thon Hotels


Organic way of hospitality

It is standard practice at all Thon hotels for a minimum of five organic products to be available for breakfast on any given day. It’s hard to describe the beauty of colors and all the fresh tastes that you can find on the breakfast tables in the hotel. Wonderfully fresh fruits and vegetable collection, mussels, shakes, juices, different nuts, traditional chocolates, pastries, varied cheese slices and other perfectly designed and cooked delights.



What is even more special, Thon Hotels in Brussels have chosen to buy only Fairtrade certified coffee. Fairtrade values, roasting coffee beans with solar energy, using coffee as organic waste, and recycled packaging are several of the positive effects that come from this collaboration. Thanks to this cooperation, Thon Hotels in Brussels has in 2016 protected 11 208 m² of rainforest. In the hotel you can also keep on with your fitness habits in modern and excellently equipped fitness centre.


Thon Hotels


Green Key in Thon Hotels

Green Key In addition, Thon Green Conference program helps hotels to focus on serving sustainable food. Four of the Thon hotels in Brussels and Rotterdam (Thon Hotel EU, Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Stanhope Hotel, Thon Hotel Rotterdam) are certified with the international Green Key eco-label, which is now present in over 40 countries. To achieve Green Key certification, the hotels actively address a number of criteria such as environmental management, information to guests, minimizing their consumption of energy, water and chemicals and reducing waste.


Thon hotels in Brussels


Thon hotels – great choice if you plan to visit Norway, Sweden, Rotterdam and of course Brussels

Thon Hotels was founded under the name Rainbow Hotels in 1989. Today the hotel chain encompasses more than 70 hotels in Norway, Sweden, Brussels, and Rotterdam. They are part of the Olav Thon Group. When Olav Thon founded Rainbow Hotels in 1989, his business model was to establish centrally located hotels offering affordable room rates. Following extensive reconstruction and re-branding, the name of the chain was changed to Thon Hotels in October 2005.


Thon hotels


Goodplanet – how to make any guest live sustainably

Thon Hotels in Brussels has partnered with GoodPlanet. This partnership is based on guests staying at the hotel for more than one night choosing to hang a green card on the door indicating that they don’t require room service. This comes with 5 Eur green gift card that one may use in the bar or restaurant, or donate to GoodPlanet. The money donated allows GoodPlanet to carry out work for children and young people to raise awareness on sustainability issues such as consumption, waste management, energy and the climate, nature, food and water.


Thon hotels in Brussels


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