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How to ensure that your product stand out in the crowd? How to make your loyal sales force work for you?

Whether you are launching a new tourism service or you want your traditional services to stand out in the market don’t overlook the importance of live B2B presentation. Markets are overflowed with different or pretty the same tourism products, and it is really hard to get the status “one and only”. Travel agents have their long term partners when selling destinations and tours, but most of them sell old good products and need a push when going with something new. But what about new destinations or less known destinations and tourism programs?  They have to make their way in overcrowded markets. How to attract the attention? To make your product stand out in the crowd? How to make a new sales force work for you?

B2B workshop

Face-to-face contacts highly improve sales results

All brands in any industry put lots of efforts when launching new products or even when they have something new to add to their already well-known products. Things shouldn’t be different in the tourism world. You just have to care about your marketing and PR plan, and make a schedule of your sales activities. It is important to market your tour programs, hotel features or destination stories, but what is more important is to give extra attention to your new services on new markets you are stepping into.

B2B presentation

It is not enough to go with webpage update, newsletter or social post. You have to consider live presentation of your services to potential B2B partners.  This will be an excellent opportunity to show them that you have something special, that you want to help them with selling process and overall that you care! Face-to-face meetings help to build trust and strengthen relationships, and using presentations as part of a marketing campaign can highly improve results.

B2B promotion in tourism

What are the benefits of targeted B2B presentation:

  • Opportunity to select partners who’s business model cover your type of services
  • More time for each participant – potential partner
  • Making better connection to your future selling network
  • Making better personal contacts with partners
  • More clear process of presenting your services
  • Opportunity to educate participants about features of your business model
  • Opportunity to present all the information that are important for better selling process of your services
  • Greater impact on your potential business partners
  • Quality networking time
  • Less expenses than investing in fair exhibition

B2B presentation

Main points of targeted B2B presentation:

  • It has to be visually strong – make a short but effective presentation (combine videos, photos, case studies, examples, and main features of services you want to promote)
  • Don’t use more than 20 slides for your presentation
  • Tell the story not the facts about your services
  • Include short company overview
  • Explain the main benefits of your services
  • Leave the space for Q & A session
  • Encourage discussions and questions
  • Engage participants with your questions
  • Leave time for networking
  • If holding an interactive workshop think of presenting a process important to understand your service
  • During interactive workshop be willing to do lots of one-to one conversation after general presentation
  • Don’t go for too many participants in interactive workshops (groups of 15 -20 at once have more effectiveness)
  • Let the participants talk about their needs, concerns and how you can support them in everyday’s business

B2B events

Traditional tourism fairs versus targeted B2B presentation

Tourism brands often think that the most important choice of live promotion is to exhibit at tourism fairs. Unfortunately many of them don’t understand the importance of quality preparation for the fair meetings and presentation of their services, and unfortunately don’t put lots of efforts into engaging participants during the exhibition time. It is obvious that this approach will not bring a lot of effect. Nothing happens on its own, and in order to be a quality exhibitor you have to care not only about visual effects and interactive activities on your stand, but also about your educated staff willing to present all the time with no ups and downs.

B2B events

Many marketing specialist say that traditional fairs are the thing of the past, especially these days when you have so many virtual events, fairs and conferences. The truth is that live contact cannot easily lose its value and nothing can really replace the eye to eye contact with your partners. But definitely you need to be aware of some additional and more effective choices of live promotions for your brand. Often when you have some new product to show or you just want to impose your brand more on the market it is clever to think about live B2B presentation to targeted B2B groups. In that way you can focus on those partners who really have a business interest in your sort of products.

promotion in tourism

Thinking of implementing your services at new markets

Promotion of destinations, hotel chains and DMC’s through live events for B2B network should be the first step in building overall brand awareness later on backed up by media relations and digital creative solutions. Product and service presentations are essential part of selling to prospective customers. In many cases, this will be the customer’s first real introduction into your brand. As we know how important the first impression is make sure that you benefit from it. There is always room for new services, new solutions and new inspirations on any market. The question is: “What is your story and do you know where to find the right partners?”

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