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How To Design An Unforgettable Customer Experience In A Luxury Vacation Rental

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Today all is about sustainability and responsibly designing a personalized and trusted experience for an individual’s lifestyle. As a luxury service, ie. experience or luxury vacation rental provider you should go a step further when thinking about your brand and its story.

Your guests are waiting to be thrilled with the unique details you prepared for them.

How do I know that? It’s not only that I’m following the trends in the tourism and travel industry. Recently I had the honor to gather a team of experts and create a luxury brand from scratch for a vacation rental, and have seen instant results of our work.

Yes, I know, it’s not very common a vacation rental owner is investing money and energy to build a brand whose values resonate with the target group. But, there are more and more owners who understand the benefits of having its brand and building a story around it.
So, let’s start from the beginning and go through a journey of creating a luxury vacation rental brand OLA Opatija Luxury Apartments.

Defining your brand story

After a detailed brief with the owner, we knew we have to create a brand that gets under the skin of its guests by being quality, relevant, professional, caring, attractive, contemporary and had the right personality.
In this case, the client already had the name of the brand. We recognized it as a great one and advised our client to keep it even though a client asked us to create a new one. Why? Because the name the client came up with had it all. So, we kept the name: OLA Opatija Luxury Apartments.

Stick to your story through every detail in your luxury vacation rental and beyond

The next steps were:

Creating communication and creative strategy also includes defining the tag line. And this one is the one the client has chosen – The royal experience.

Defining a visual brand identity

OLA logo

Creating a set of branded materials guest can find in the apartment

OLA Opatija Luxury Apartments

Web site with a copy and implementation of Booking and Channel manager Rentlio

OLA Opatija Luxury Apartment - web page of luxury vacation rental in Opatija, Croatia

Usually, things might stop here, but we went even a step further. We detected problems with current profiles on vacation rentals’ OTA. Very soon we implemented a solution for a vacation rental positioning at OTA’s channels which led to almost immediate bookings. More about this, I’ll write in another post. I’ll just mention here how the right copy for a vacation rental is quite often overseen.

What exactly we did is:

Optimization of vacation rental’s profiles and communication strategy through OTA’s channels.

And we also put ourselves in the shoes of guests. We asked ourselves what are those small things which we’ll provide to a guest with the royal experience. What exactly we did is:

We staged the apartment with several details designed for the individual’s lifestyle to provide a trusted experience.

Bedroom staging – OLA Opatija Luxury Apartment

OLA Opatija Luxury Apartment

And when you have a product, ie. experience with a credible story, you can easily pitch the media and media will be more than happy to cover your story and influencers will gladly accept your invitation for a stay.

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Designing pre-arrival experiences lead to success

At the end of this story, we have a proud vacation rental owner with a successful business from a very beginning with more than happy customers who can see and feel that the owner is taking care of them even before they arrived.

If you are planning to build your new hotel or vacation rental brand or only looking for an enhancement of an existing one, we’ll gladly hear your story.

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