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Croatia – My Two Retreat Trips to Renew and Relax

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It doesn’t matter how strong you are, or how sharp your mind is, there might be a big chance that last months were quite a mess for you weather consciously or unconsciously. And you might have an urge for a retreat escape.

I still remember that feeling I had during May. Feeling quite drained I was more than ready for the holidays. I knew this summer we will spend in Croatia. But the August and the summer never seemed so far away. I was asking myself how I could enjoy family holidays and handle the kid if I don’t have the energy for it.

Being aware I don’t control what happens, but I only control how I respond, I remembered the advice I got from one wise woman. She taught me that to be able to relax and fully enjoy my holidays, already I have to be relaxed and fresh. In other words, I have to start my holidays in strong physical and mental shape.

Knowing that I made a short-term travel plan for two long weekends in June. It was one long weekend family trip and another trip for a couple. Both trips were my family version for a retreat.

Zrmanja – Pure and green nature as energy regenerative experience

Family house in village Zrmanja in Croatia

My first step before “real”, ie. longer holidays, was to renew my energy in a pure and green environment. As we have a family in a small village Zrmanja, it was only enough to call them and say we are coming. No special organizational skills were needed.

We spent 4 days situated literally in the middle of nowhere next to a spring of river Zrmanja, surrounded with sounds, scents, and tastes of nature. It was a real retreat. And an opportunity for quality family time and let go of all of the mental clutter.

River Zrmanja in Croatia
Zrmanja river
Dasy flower
View from house in Zrmanja in Croatia
View from family house
Family time
Spring water Zrmanja
Spring water Zrmanja

In other words, this is the perfect place in Croatia where I practice to perfect the essence of doing nothing, or like our Italian friends would say “Dolce far niente”.

Trogir – Town Marked by Masters

Relaxing at the poolf of Brown Beach House in Trogir, Croatia
Brown Beach House in Trogir, Croatia

Another long weekend was almost there. It was the first weekend ever we went somewhere alone since our son was born, and our wedding anniversary was around the corner. 

Trogir was a perfect destination for immersing into a heritage and local specialties within the old town and combining it with a contemporary style of an elegant and stylish hotel.

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence , Trogir, Croatia
The Cathedral of St. Lawrence , Trogir, Croatia
Chaming historic cobbeld streets in Trogir, Croatia
Chaming historic cobbeld streets in Trogir, Croatia

As hotels just started to open after the grand lockdown, I wanted to treat ourselves with an enjoyable stay in a charming and boutique hotel. This time to relax and unwind, I chose The Brown Beach House.

Deluxe suite Brown Beach House, Trogir, Croatia
Deluxe suite Brown Beach House, Trogir, Croatia
Lobby in Brown Beach House, Trogir, Croatia
Lobby in Brown Beach House, Trogir, Croatia
Dinner in Brown Beach House, Trogir, Croatia
Dinner in Brown Beach House, Trogir, Croatia

The Brown Beach House is one of those places where you’ll be amazed as a guest. It’s a big chance the hotel stuff will fulfill all of your high expectations. I’m especially thankful to Mrs. Stanka Karažija, the General Manager of the hotel for taking care of all the details and crafting a personalized set of services for us. It’s definitely one of the boutique hotels that know how to stand out.

To treat myself I have to retreat myself

Now I’m getting ready to disengage again. This time I’ll immerse for a while into the beauty of one island on the Croatian coast. My holidays will be a bit longer than usual, but I know I deserve it. I’m expecting to start the beginning of September refreshed, energized, and ready for new adventures or maybe surprises in the months to come. Let see what the future has prepared.  

Cheers to the future!

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