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We are here for people who believe their travel & tourism product is ready to scale up and stand out from the crowd.

Think of our PR and branding role as that of a navigator. A navigator who can see the challenges of the future and make sure you are on the right path.
And when turbulent times approach, we will stay with you on your ship, riding out the storms and protecting you and your crew.
When it comes to following market developments, we will be your eyes and ears, and we will make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.
Let us help you shape your amazing story: it’s only a matter of time before guests and clients start talking up your brand.
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Travel & tourism PR Consultant

Martina Lucić Čanak

Connecting with people in a direct and open way is something Martina strongly believes in. She is also passionate about developing long-lasting tourism & travel brands that are high-quality, technology-smart and strategically poised.
She is particularly adept at handling projects that involve a complex variety of different pieces. Most of the time those jobs include creating strategies and action plans. People often describe her as a creative and agile person. She gets immense satisfaction from providing support to clients on their path to success and helping to nurture their brands.
What Martina finds so rewarding about her job is the feedback she receives from clients, especially when they tell her that her solutions and strategic plans have provided a whole new perspective on taking their businesses forward.
Clarity of vision, empathy, attention to detail and a positive outlook are the qualities she brings to bear on any task she is entrusted with. Her open-minded attitude sees no boundaries in any challenge.


You can find out more about Martina on her LinkedIn profile.

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