Smart TV application

Today, when technology is rapidly improving, travel brands are facing more and more possibilities how and where to implement its content, and how to reach the segment which is the most receptive to new travel technology trends. Smart TV gives consumers the power to choose their own unique television experience, and to interact with their television and content just like they interact with their smart phones.

Samsung Adriatic Travel Magazine Smart TV application offers a possibility to navigate through Adriatic region destinations (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania), to explore its benefits, choose sights and activities according to own preferences, and to make direct contact with each service provider.

An application is a traveler’s guide where each of above mentioned destinations is presented through its six main features, and related content is translated to 8 languages. gave its contribution to the Samsung Adriatic Travel Magazine Smart TV application content development with its extensive knowledge of Croatia as a tourism destination, as well to the application promotion and positioning in the Croatian market.

Croatian Travel Guide

Information about Croatia, besides general information about its destination brand is available in the following categories: Cities, Spa & Wellness, Mountains, Lakes & Rivers, Seaside & Islands, Ethno Tourism & Wineries and Other attractions. Each category offers even more in depth information about its location, recommended attractions, recommended hotels, restaurants, clubs and caffes. When browsing through categories Mountains and Lakes & Rivers consumer will also be able to find information about possible activities and nearby manifestations. Application will be available in the whole world, and preinstalled and immediately accessible to its users on all Samsung Smart TV’s bought in Adriatic region from 2012.