Stories, Videos and Beautiful Pictures all Make a Great Content for Travel Business Promotion

Author: Marijana Brdovnik - Date: 26/01/2016

Content Marketing

After the digital era started to spread around the world there is no successful marketing strategy plan without content marketing as a great part of quality presentation and leads gaining method. But what is content marketing all about? It is not only a storytelling about things that will make your web page look more appealing, it is a whole wide strategy that will single your web from the others, and put you at the top of the web search engine regarding the topics that your competition is also trying to follow.


Wonderful content inspiration from travel and tourism industry

When we talk about travelling and all the beauty of jobs related to tourism industry we must admit that here lies the unfailing source of ideas for interesting stories, videos and social posts. The most important thing is to learn and to get used to share your photos from travel, write informative articles about destinations you are selling, share experienced stories from your last journey, make videos that will point out some amazing parts of the trip…

Stunning locations, thrilling encounters, and different anecdotes provide enough content for travel brands to attract the readers in search for great adventures and suggestions for their next holiday. People like to be taken to unknown parts of the world, also to be taken to very familiar and outstanding places. It is simple, people like to daydream about places and adventures that they might see or do in the nearest future. And as a travel business your role is to motivate them and to help them proceed with the plan as soon as possible.

With more than one billion people watching over six billion hours of video per month, travelers are clearly craving visual content that explores destinations, hotels, food, and activities. They are continuously searching for new ideas, also travelers want to be transported, and that same feeling holds true even before they pack their bags.


Content Marketing


How to improve your content marketing

  • Share relevant material that your target audience will find valuable in some way. It could be educational, entertaining or inspirational.
    What it should never be is sales oriented.
  • Plan content, create a strategy and invest time in research before publishing. Also be sure to regularly schedule content.
  • Make the content dynamic, personalized and SEO-friendly for maximum engagement. Content doesn’t just have to be written, it can come in the form of pictures, video and interactive content.
  • Use social media channels to promote your blog posts and to engage people, as well as to build your brand awareness. Travel customers are visiting social sites to research and discuss travel options, so it is the perfect space to draw attention.
  • Sharing content from travelers across different sites will help you get positive publicity, and will drive more new connections to potential travelers.
  • What works in your domestic market may not be the right fit for your target markets abroad. Always know your target customer. If you’re looking to enter foreign markets, you need to do your research ahead of time. Make sure you understand the cultural values, preferences and communication styles of the local people. Use their preferred digital channels, and communicate in their native language. From that main platform, you can then share your content strategically via digital channels: email, social networks, messaging apps, etc.
  • Always ask yourself: What kind of content do your audiences want?, In which languages?, What are your customers’ questions, frustrations, or aspirations? How can you help them?
  • Establish credibility, and build a relationship of trust. Consistency and a commitment to quality are the key of any content marketing strategy.


People want to do business with people they know, like and trust – not with logos or corporate brands. Due to modern technology time brands have no choice but to be more transparent with their customers. And the reality is that you don’t control your brand anymore. Your brand is what other people say about it, especially when you’re not around.


Content Mrketing


Photo source: Caetano Lacerda, Jenny W./Freeimages, Gabriel77/rgbstock