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Author: Guest post - Date: 28/09/2016

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The appearance of the interior and exterior of a hotel, plays a significant role when it comes to its popularity. The same applies to the functionality. When planning the design of a hotel or any other hospitality establishment, the wishes and needs of the target groups should be taken into consideration regarding everything from the colour palette and materials to equipment and hotel facilities, especially when we think and plan to be a part of design hotels.




All the choices should be made by anticipating the wishes and needs of the prospective guests. For example, the postmodernist style (vigorous colours, unusual shapes) suits better for guests who enjoy active holiday filled with new experiences, whereas the Mediterranean style seems ideal for complete relaxation in the embrace of the „big blue“. This time, the example of a design hotel is the Cypriot beauty – Almyra Hotel, a member of Design HotelsTM, which represents and markets the „collection“ of more than 270 independent hotels worldwide.



Almyra is situated in Paphos, place of birth of the legendary Aphrodite

In the coastal city of Paphos in Cyprus, which is known in Greek mythology as the place of birth of the legendary Aphrodite, a lovely hotel is situated. Almyra, meaning „the taste of the sea“, is a hotel designed in a contemporary version of the Mediterranean style and, therefore, complements the beauty of its surrounding landscape. Hotels Anassa, The Annabelle and Almyra are in the ownership of a family-run company Thanos Hotels. A stylish and fashionable appearance of Almyra is the result of work of interior designers Joelle Pleot and Tristan Auer.


Almyra hotel


The main characteristics of the relaxed – Mediterranean style are lightness, airiness, simplicity, straight lines and soft colours.


Almyra hotel


Neutral colour scheme, together with the light blue accents, reminds of the natural wealth of the Mediterranean – white rocks, brown tree bark and the blue sky that reflects in the sea.


Almyra hotel


189 rooms equipped for a perfect holiday, additional facilities for children (for example, the Smiling Dolphin Kiddies Club), two swimming pools, one of which is especially designed for younger guests – indicate that form and function go “hand-in-hand”, thus creating opportunities for a memorable experience of this great member of design hotels.


Almyra hotel


When it comes to restaurant, lounge bar and terraces design, again, the minimalism and neutral tones prevail, with occasional exceptions, like colourful accents.


Almyra hotel


Large and elegant gardens surrounding the hotel are “a cherry on the top” of this Cypriot story of design hotels.


Author: Danica Maricic, Design Editor & Communications Manager, Archi-living.com 

Photographs: www.designhotels.com      

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