Istra Inspirit – Free Experiences of Traveling through Time

Author: magic4.club - Date: 28/06/2017


Istra Inspirit, a multi-award winning project that enriches the cultural tourism offer of Istria in the last six years, continues to travel through time and revives Istrian legends, stories and myths. There were twelve experiences / events created, each for specific topic and each linked to a particular location in Istria.

Istra Inspirit team welcomes the tourists, but also the local people and tell stories that are exciting, authentic, dramatic, but also that will valorize the unused existing resources of cultural and historical heritage in the destination.




This year except Spacio in Rovinj, all Istra Inspirit experiences are free: Morgan’s treasure in in Dvigrad in Kanfanar, Iustitia in Poreč, Crispo on Vižula Peninsula in Medulin and Vodnjan’s tales in Vodnjan. Istra Inspirit also has a lot of partnerships with local public and private sector, that has resulted with several festivals. Casanovafest in Vrsar is an event that celebrates the famous lover Giacomo Casanova arrival to this small town, in which will also be the Old Fair manifestation where Istra Inspirit crew will present what the Old Statute meant for people of Vrsar.

Last year they had the first participation at the Poreč Open Air festival and this year the guests will again travel through Istrian history with characters like fairies, Istrian witches called štrige and other mythical creatures. Rabac Open Air festival is also a colourful and magical festival where visitors will be able to see Henry Morgan and his crew as well as fire show performance.

For more info visit www.istrainspirit.hr 

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