The Next Web Conference Delivered Outstanding Value

Inspiring speakers, great organization and nice set up at TNWC Europe 2016

Author: Martina Lucić Čanak - Date: 24/06/2016

Next Web Conference

Being part of the Next Web Conference held this May in Amsterdam definitely widen our horizons and we again witnessed that the world of web and technology is rapidly going further. Inspiring speakers, great organization and nice set up were just one part of it. Another, and more important part is the value delivered through the whole event.

During two days of The Next Web Conference we had a lot of fun and also an opportunity to learn from different influences in a digital world. From Gary Vaynerchuck we learned about the importance of doing things in business without expectation of return from the other individual, and focus on building brand versus sales. Rayan Leslie inspired us with his Superphone app and the importance of committing to the vision and investing in quality while having a team where each member of a team can learn and improve, while Casey Neistat showed us through his experience the importance of emotions and feelings delivered through a business.


Next Web Conference


We also had the opportunity to have a chat with Danea Ringelmann, co-founder of Indiegogo, open platform where the crowd gets to decide which ideas deserve to become a reality, and an amazing community where people work together to bring ideas to life.


Next Web Conference


Danea leads Indiegogo’s industry development efforts, and at The Next Web Conference has shared some top tips on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign:

1. Plan your campaign page well ahead of launching it
A successful campaign can’t be pulled together in a day; it takes months and sometimes even years of preparation. Make sure your product or business idea is achievable, and that you have everything you need in place once the donations start rolling in.

2. Build up a potential audience for your campaign before launching it
Your family and friends will naturally be the first people you share your crowdfunding campaign with, but you’ll definitely want to expand your audience to maximize what you raise. The easiest way to do this is with social media. The larger your database of potential contributors, the more chance of success you have.

3. Make your campaign page stand out and stay authentic to who you are
Spend time creating an engaging campaign page. Use photos, videos, gifs and graphics to show what you’re doing and how – the more visual the better.  Describe exactly what you are doing, and how your funds will be used. Explain why your project is important to you because ‘people fund people’.  Make sure that your perks make sense for your project and that they suit every budget. Offering a single perk of £1 won’t get you the funds you need and having a single perk for £500 won’t either.

4. Interact with your audience regularly to keep momentum going
Once your campaign has launched, it’s important to keep your backers updated with any new perks, videos, and key milestones during the campaign. This is easily done through social media, but also by updating your campaign page.

5. Follow up with your backers once the campaign is finished
It may be even more important to continue connecting with backers when the campaign ends. Send updates once your campaign closes on your progress towards completing your project. They signed up to be part of the journey, so keep them involved!

All the piece of advice we collected during The Next Web Conference confirmed one more time that the most important thing in business is to have a strong commitment, appreciate people you are working with and to find a way to express feelings whatever you are working on. If you add to all of it a bit of a creativity and technology knowledge, you will be on the right way to fulfill your dreams.

Photo credits: Heisenberg Media/The Next Web, magic4.club