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Yas Waterworld is the world’s only theme park based on the rich tradition of pearl hunting in the Emirates. Its inspiration is taken from the “Legend of the Lost Pearl,” which tells the story of a young girl in search of a magnificent pearl that would bring prosperity to her village. The futuristic theme park spans an area of about 15 football fields, and is most famous for its record-setting hydromagnetic water slide. This exciting 6-person ride simulates an unforgettable tornado-like experience and is a stunning 235 metres long.

With its 45 different attractions, slides and rides, five of which are not available anywhere else in the world, Yas Waterworld is truly a megalopolis among theme parks. There is fun to be had by both children and adults, particularly on the two original attractions: Dawwama – the world’s first hydromagnetic tornado water slide, and Bandit Bomber – the first interactive rollercoaster that combines water and laser effects. Surfing fans will, however, prefer the 3-metre waves of “Bubble’s Barrel,” the world’s largest artificial sheet wave.

Yas Waterworld is ideal for a one-day excursion from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Visitors staying on Yas Island will, of course, wish to visit the theme park more than once. Do you have a need for speed? Are you looking for adrenaline-fuelled fun? If the answer is “yes,” then Yas Waterworld is definitely the place for you!


Yas Waterworld


Yas Waterworld Facts

Yas Waterworld is only a short, 10-minute drive away from Abu Dhabi International Airport, 30 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi, 50 minutes from Dubai Marina, and 90-minutes from Dubai International Airport.

  • Dawwama, with its 20-metre tall funnel and one 6-person raft, is the world’s most exciting tornado ride!


Yas Waterworld


  • Have you ever wanted to drop straight down into a high-intensity, looping water slide without any preparation or the option of slowing down? With Liwa Loop, the first ride of its type in the Middle East, you finally have the chance.


Yas Waterworld


  • Bandit Bomber will literally keep you hanging – this rollercoaster, the longest in the Middle East, reaches a speed of 55 km/h and utilises special water and laser effects to create a truly breathtaking experience!


Yas Waterworld


  • Marah Fortress – the largest children’s play area in the Middle East – features attractions ranging from a baby swimming pool to playgrounds for children of all ages. Younger visitors will surely enjoy it here.


Yas Waterworld


  • Pearl Masters Treasure Hunt is the world’s first interactive treasure hunt to take place in a waterpark! This fun game puts you in the role of a superhero and takes you on a magical quest for treasure, full of fantastic creatures and ancient riddles.

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Photo credits: Yas Waterworld, Yas Island

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