Experience Culture and Nature of Authentic Laos

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Most people say Laos is one of the most enchanting and inspirational destination in South East Asia. Mystical mountains, sacred temples, karst, shimmering rice paddies, underground river caves, pristine forests are only some of the features destination Laos provides to its visitor and make many of them want to come back.
Laos may be one of the least visited countries in South East Asia, but the charm you will feel as soon as you get the opportunity to experience the country will inspire you to dig a bit deeper into its culture and nature.


Laos monks looking beyon


Laos Delivers Surprises

Fascinating Buddhist culture makes Laos a superb destination for all type of travellers, from backpackers and independent travellers to those looking for a luxury approach. Those who want to experience a real taste of rural life in South East Asia will be delighted with one of the most authentic destinations in Asia. For those fancy an active travel, Laos offers jungle zip lines or forest trekking, and foodies could treat themselves with the kaleidoscope of flavors of Lao cuisine.


Pak Ou Cave


What type of travel to choose when travel to Laos

Quite often Laos is considered as a perfect extension of travellers’ trail connecting northern Thailand with Vietnam. Your experiences will depend on the number of days willing to spend in Laos. If you prefer to travel on your own, and organise everything by yourself in advance or just go with the flow as soon as you reach the destination, Laos is a country where you can easily do so. But if you are one of those looking for an organised tour, you might be surprised with a wide choice of itinerary possibilities. The main advantage of an organised tour is that you have a dedicated person looking after each and every detail before and during your trip according to your inputs and wishes.


Tours with 365travel

365travel is experienced tour provider for South East Asia and has the possibility to provide you with already made tours through Laos or those customised exactly to your preferences. Weather you prefer to explore culture, religion, remote and peaceful village life, local cuisine, experienced local guide will take you to see the best of Laos and discover its off-the-beaten tracks and charms.




Laos Signature Tour

This cross-country tour provides a fully interactive picture from the North to South, covers all must-sees that Laos has on offer.


Laos Signature Tour


Whether you join in the traditional rituals of Baci ceremony or picture the saffron-robed monks quietly collecting morning alms. Enjoy a sunset cocktail from a terrace overlooking the Mekong River to visit the glistering pagodas. A long boat on the gentle Nam Ou River will give you a chance to immerse with the tranquil scenery while a visit to the ethnic villages of Ikhos minority will be one of the most beautiful moments in this trip. Highlights also include the capital Vientiane, venture off the beaten track in the Southern plateau with amazing waterfalls and cultural experiences.

Experience Laos’ signature and colours, and read detailed itinerary of this trip.




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