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New campaign of German National Tourist Board – “Germany Simply Inspiring”

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At the Berlin Tourism Fair (ITB), German National Tourist Board started a new campaign under the motto “Germany Simply Inspiring”. Through the whole year using social media as well as all available high-frequency online channels around the world, they are promoting travel tips, events in Germany and tourist attractions of all 16 provinces. The campaign was launched in close co-operation with regional marketing organizations with an aim to boost demand for holidays in Germany.

German incoming tourism continues its strong growth and in 2016 Germany registered more than 80 million overnight stays by international visitors for the first time. This is the seventh consecutive record result. From January to December the German Federal Statistical Office recorded 80.8 million international overnight stays in accommodation establishments with a minimum of ten beds – an increase of 1.1 million compared to the previous year. This constitutes a 1.4 percent rise in the volume of German incoming tourism compared to 2015.


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It is not easy to be on the top of the performance, but the destination Germany proved with its continued and very well panned activities that it is possible to have the impressive results despite all the challenges in today’s world.


Growth of Interest of Croatian Tourists for traveling to Germany

The average increase in the number of tourists’ overnight stays coming from Southeast European countries is becoming more impressive every year. One of the leaders in the regional increase is Croatia with + 14.6%.
For tourists from Croatia Germany is ranked by market share scores (34%) as the most favorite destination. One of the evidences in an increase in the number of overnight stays by 42,000 (+ 14.6%) in 2016. The most favorite regions for Croatian tourists are Bavaria (34.8%), Baden-Württemberg (15.9%) and Hesse (12.2%), and the most visited German city is Berlin.


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The most common reasons for Croatian traveling to Germany are vacation (42%), business trip (31%), and visits to relatives and friends (27%). Germany is the most interesting for middle-aged (35-54 years) – 52% and young people (15-34 years) – 31%. The average tourist from Croatia goes on a trip longer than 4 nights, per day is consuming 66 euros and is mostly traveling by car (61%), than by airplane (21%), bus or van (15%) and train (1%).


Inexhaustible Source of Travel Inspiration

Some of the main themes for the destination Germany are unceasing innovations, especially unbelievably architectural solutions connecting tradition and modernity that run the path to the innovations. Berlin and Hamburg are cities with inexhaustible inspiration and every year they lose sight of many tourists around the world.


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Another highlight of the destination Germany is simply enjoying the moment and your fee time when traveling through the country. In Germany you will find 200 scenic routes for traveling by car, motor bike or bicycle.

For those looking for a travel inspiration and want to explore more of Germany thematic routes can visit Germany travel web site and browse through an on line content with 78 routes with travel plans, recommended highlights, photos, videos, and interactive maps.

Enjoy your time in Germany!



Photo credits: DZT, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH, Tourismus Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V., Franke, Oliver, Fischer, J. A., Weise, Andreas, Santoni, Gianluca

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