Park Foof Fest Novigrad

Park Food Fest – Novigrad Cittanova

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Park Food Fest is a brand new open-air gourmet and wine event taking place at the Novigrad Fishermen’s Park, next to the old Mandrač harbor and in the harbor itself.

The idea of the event was to gather everyone who participates in Novigrad’s gourmet scene and has an impact on developing this charming town’s spirit as one of the Mediterranean culinary destinations.

During the event, guests could enjoy diverse and typical Istrian ready-to-eat meals made with seasonal ingredients like fish, shells, truffles, squids, cuttlefish presented in a form of popular street food. All the food was served just like in top restaurants.

Magic4Club Travel PR & Travel Branding agency had the opportunity to develop a visual identity and key visuals for this colorful event full of tastes. Big thanks to graphic designer Maja Škiljaica who added her magic to this project.

Food preparation at Park Food  Fest in Novigrad Cittanova 2019
Park Food fest 2019 – Novigrad Cittanova
Istrian cuisine at Park Food Fest in Novigrad Cittanova, Istria, Croatia
Park Food Fest 2019 – Novigrad Cittanova
Wine tasting at Park Food Fest in Novigrad Cittanova
Park Food Fest 2019 – Novigrad Cittanova

Unique Gourmet Experience in Novigrad

Park Food Fest in Novigrad had its premiere in October 2019. Each of the event’s partners had it’s own modern and decently designed festival house where they prepared their delicious specialties. One of the highlights of the Festivals was show cooking programs. The most famous chefs from Northwest Istria showed how to prepare traditional Istrian meals.
Chefs from Michelin-rated restaurants prepared creative, delicious and traditional meals with a modern touch. All the meals were paired with world-class white and red wines by northwestern Istria’s winemakers, as well as excellent craft beers made by Istrian brewers. The event was wrapped up with musical entertainment from morning till the late afternoon.

Have a glimpse of the event in the video below.

Novigrad is a little town in Istria which fascinates with its pristine Mediterranean spirit – magical atmosphere within old city walls, several parks, small streets in the old part of the town where friendly and kind host live and work, exciting smells from numerous restaurants where you’ll find even the best ones in Croatia.

Vesna Ferenac, Novigrad Cittanova

Photo credits: Colours of Istria

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